An Endeavour towards Sustainable
Water Solutions

Avana is a Sanskrit name, meaning "Protection & Preservation"

Aquifers and wells are drying up. Pollution is taking a toll on our rivers and water bodies. Water purchase and disposal costs are rising. On the other hand energy needs are constantly rising, adding up to pollution crisis and fast depletion of resources, pushing the need for clean and sustainable energy to its greater impetus.

Through our business we protect and preserve the most valuable resources on the earth: Water & Energy, which are very critical and mutually dependent on each other.

The logo symbolizes our conscience for rightful and safe preservation of these two essential elements, which is the very foundation of the entire eco system.

Mr. Skandan Krishnan, Former Chairman, Pollution Control Board, about Avana Endeavours
Mr. Anant Varadarajan, Founder & CEO, Avana Endeavours, speaks
Water Treatment


Our expertise in water & waste water processing help customers with wide range of water treatment solutions for diverse industrial segments

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The Water Industry has been embracing several changes arising of rapid urbanisation, severe climate changes, rising customer demands, emerging digital technologies and growing statutory compliances.

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For any Water treatment project to be successful, it is imperative that the project is well conceived, adequately prepared for compliance demands and possess adequate domain knowledge.

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Oct ' 23

AVANA AQUATIC & ENERGY ENDEAVOURS in Top 10 Industrial Turnkey Project Solutions Startups

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The Avana Advantage

  • Expert Advisory & Consulting
  • Concept to Completion – One Stop Turnkey Solution
  • Efficient processes & aptly applied technologies
  • Unwavering commitment to statutory compliance
  • Empowering Customers through knowledge and training
  • Comprehensive Operations & Maintenance Support